1. General

1.1. The definitions included in this PRIVACY POLICY are in accordance with the CTECH website's policy.

1.2. CTECH manages and operates the CTECH website, and treats the privacy of the website's users with respect.

1.3. The following is an overview of the website's privacy policy, including the method by which CTECH makes use of the information it is given by users of the sites, or the information it collects about site usage.

2. Service Registration

2.1. Some of the services on the CTECH website might require registration. As part of the registration, users are required to provide personal information, e.g. name, address, user contact information, electronic mail address and/or their credit card details. The mandatory fields will receive a special marking. It is not possible to register for services that require registration without providing the data requested in the mandatory fields.

2.2. Whereas and CTECH requests only the information essential to the service to which the user has registered, in some services users will be requested to provide additional details required by the specific service.

3. Database

3.1. The data provided by users thereupon their registration for services in the websites shall be kept in CTECH's database. It is clarified that users are under no obligation to provide the information, but it shall be clarified that without providing details, it will not be possible to use such services.

4. Use of Information

4.1. During your use of the website, there might be an accumulation of information about your behavior, products and services you have purchased or attempted to sell, information or ads you have read on the websites, the pages you have viewed, the offers and services that interested you, your methods of payment, the location of the computer through which you have accessed the websites etc. CTECH will keep such data in its databases. Use of such data, and also of data you provide in any service registration process on CTECH websites, shall only be done according to this Privacy Policy or according to the provisions of any law - and for the following specified purposes:

4.1.1. To allow you to use the various services on the websites, e.g. (but not limited to) forums, games, promotions and various activities offered on the websites from time to time.

4.1.2. To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the websites, including the creation of new services and content compatible with the websites' user demands and expectations, and changing or cancelling existing services and content. The information that will be used by CTECH for such purpose will mostly be statistical information that does not personally identify you.

4.1.3. To create personal areas in the websites that are adaptable to your preferences.

4.1.4. To purchase products and services on the websites - including publication of information and content on your behalf.

4.1.5. To adapt the ads that will be displayed to you once you visit CTECH websites to your fields of interest. The information that will be used by CTECH for such purpose will not personally identify you by name or address.

4.1.6. CTECH may send you, on occasion, via electronic mail, information regarding CTECH services and also marketing and promotional information - whether information published by CTECH or information you receive for immediate sending from other advertisers. At any time, you can opt out of receiving such information as aforesaid. However, CTECH will not provide your personal information to advertisers.

4.1.7. To contact you (if necessary) or to analyze and provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers. Such information will not personally identify you.

4.1.8. For any other purpose specified in this Privacy Policy herein or in the terms of use of any relevant service on CTECH websites.

4.1.9. For the proper operation and development of the websites. The information used for such purpose will not be transferred to third parties, unless it has been permitted in the context of this Privacy Policy herein, as updated from time to time.

5. Providing Information to Third Parties

5.1. CTECH will not transfer your personal details and the information gathered from your activity in the website (to the extent that such details and information personally identify you) to third parties, exclusive of the cases specified below:

5.1.1. Thereupon your purchase of products and services from CTECH's content and trade partners, or thereupon your participation in a third party's content activities, or in joint activities of CTECH and a third party, which are displayed on the CTECH websites. In such cases, such partners will be provided the information they require to complete the purchase process, manage the relevant content activity and stay in contact with you;

5.1.2. To the extent that you have breached the Terms of Use of the CTECH websites, the provisions of the Membership Agreement of the websites or of any of the services offered therein, or if you commit, through the websites, or in relation thereto, actions that seem against the law, or attempt to commit such actions in such cases, CTECH may provide the information as required;

5.1.3. If CTECH receives a judicial order instructing it to provide your details or information about you to a third party, including a competent authority, e.g. the Israel Securities Authority;

5.1.4. Any dispute, argument, claim, demand or legal proceedings, should such exist, between you and CTECH;

5.1.5. Whenever CTECH believes that provision of the information is essential to prevent severe damage to your person or property, or to the person or property of a third person;

5.1.6. CTECH may provide your details, and the information gathered as a result of the use you have made of the websites, to other companies of the YediothAharonoth Group, provided that the latter only use this information according to the provisions of this Privacy Policy;

5.1.7. Should CTECH organize the websites' activity in the form of another corporation - and also in case it merges with another body or merges the websites' activity with the activity of a third party - it may provide the new corporation with a copy of the information stored about you on the websites, or any statistical information it possesses, provided that such corporation adopts the provisions of this Privacy Policy in regard to you.

6. Cookies

6.1. The website uses Cookies for ongoing and proper operation, including for collecting statistical data regarding website use, for verification of details, to adapt the website to your personal preferences and for purposes of information security.

6.2. Cookies are text files generated by your browser at the command of CTECH computers. Some cookie files will expire once the browser was closed, and others are kept on the user's hard drive. For example, if the user operates on WINDOWS OS with Microsoft's Interest Explorer browser, cookies files can be found in the c:/windows.cookies and c:/windows.Temporary Internet Files folders. Cookies contain varied information, e.g. pages viewed by the websites, length of the user spent on the websites, how the user reached the websites, sections and information the user seeks to view upon entry to the website, and others.

6.3. Cookies are also used for eliminating the need for recurrent input of user details in sections of the CALCALIST website which require registration.

6.4. The information in cookie files is encrypted, and CTECH takes precautions to ensure that CTECH computers are able to read and understand the information stored therein.

6.5. A user who does not wish to receive Cookies can opt out by changing their browser options. For such purpose, read the browser's help file. Still, it should be remembered that opting out of cookies might disable your option of using some services and properties on the CTECH website, or on other websites.

6.6. The user may delete the cookie files that are on their computer at any time. This should only be done after the user has been convinced that they do not wish to have the CTECH websites adapted to their preferences. Whereas and the cookies sometimes prevent the user from needing to input login information, they should be deleted with caution, unless the user is convinced that they had written down all the of details required for website use in a safe location first.

6.7. If you do not wish to receive Cookies, you may avoid receiving them by changing the definitions in your browser. Please read the Help file of your browser for this purpose. Please bear in mind, however, that disabling the Cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and the features on the website. Furthermore, you can delete the Cookies from your computer at any time. It is recommended that you do so only if you are sure that you do not wish this site to correspond to your individual preferences. Since the Cookies sometimes save you the need to enter usernames and passwords, it is recommended that do not delete them unless you are sure you have first written down in a safe place all the details required for the use of the Sites. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please see: http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp

7. Third Party Services

7.1. Some services on the CTECH websites are run by the website's content and trade partners. Such services are provided through the computers of such partners, and not the CTECH computers. During their use of such services, users might be required to provide personal information, or have their personal information collected. Use of such information is subject to the privacy policy of the specific service provider, and not the CALCALIST website's Privacy Policy; therefore, it is recommended to also read the privacy policies of such providers.

8. Third Party Advertisements

8.1. CALCALIST permits several companies to run the ad display system on CTECH websites and/or uses systems on behalf of other companies, e.g. Total Media Company, in relation with managing the ad display system on CTECH website.

8.2. The ads viewed by users during their CTECH browsing experience originate in the computers of such companies. For the purpose of running ads, such companies place Cookies in the user's computer, as well as web beacons inside the ads or on the webpage. The beacons are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier, interwoven in webpages and meant to assist in collecting information about website browsing and use.

8.3. The information collected does not identify the user, rather seeks to adapt the ads displayed to the user to their fields of interest. The use made of cookies and web beacons by such companies is subject to the latter's privacy policy, and not to that of the CTECH website.

8.4. A user who is interested in reviewing the privacy policies of the companies that run the ad system on CTECH can do so on the websites of such companies. For example, for information about the ad display system of Total Media Company, go to http://www.doubleclick.com/us/about_doubleclick/privacy. For information about the ad display system of ArtiMedia Company, go to http://arti-media.net/privacy-policy.

9. Collection of Information for Statistical Purposes

9.1. CTECH uses the services of NetRating Inc., which provides it with statistical analyses regarding the CTECH website's use. The company collects and analyzes information about the website's extent of use, frequency of use, users' sources of access to the etc.

9.2. To collect such information, the company uses web beacons, which assist in monitoring the website's activity patterns and thus, for example, examine the popularity of various content and services on the website. The collected information is statistical in nature, does not personally identify the user and is meant for analysis, research and control purposes.

10. Information Security

10.1. CTECH implements information security systems and protocols in its website. Whereas such systems and protocols minimize the risks of unauthorized access to CTECH computers, they are not full proof. Therefore, CTECH is under no obligation to ensure that services on its websites are full proof against unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

11. Right to View Information

11.1. In accordance with the 1981 Privacy Protection Law, every person has the right to view, personally or through a proxy with written authorization or through their guardian, information about them that is kept in a database. A person who has viewed the information about them and deemed it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear or outdated, may contact the database owner and request to have the information amended or deleted. To the extent that the database owner refused such request, they must notify the requesting party about it in the manner and form as set in the regulations. A database owner's refusal to allow such viewing, and their refusal to amend or delete information, may be appealed by the information requesting party before the Magistrate's Court in the manner and form as set in the regulations.

11.2. Furthermore, if the information stored in CTECH databases is used for personally contacting a user, based on your affiliation with a population group determined according to one or more characterization(s) of people whose names are included in the database ("Commercial Solicitation"), then the user has the right, in accordance with the 1981 Privacy Protection Law, to demand in writing to have the information about them deleted from the database. In such case, CTECH will delete only the information it requires to contact the user with Commercial Solicitation as aforesaid hereinabove. The information that CALCALIST requires to conduct its businesses - including documentation of commercial and other actions executed on CTECH websites - will still be kept by CTECH as per the law, but will no longer be used for solicitations.

11.3. To the extent that, within 30 days, you fail to receive notice specifying that the information requested for deletion by CTECH has indeed been deleted in accordance with this section, you may escalate it to the Magistrate's Court in the manner specified in the regulations set under the law, as to have the latter order CTECH to act as aforesaid.

12. Changes to the Policy Privacy

12.1. CTECH may change the provisions of the Privacy Policy from time to time. If significant changes are made in the policy herein to provisions regarding use of the personal information provided by users, a notification about such changes will be published on the website's homepage.