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Aviel Siman Tov, CEO of Oversee

Oversee CEO: “There's the day Job, and there's the work for the country”

Aviel Siman Tov, CEO of Oversee and a major in the reserves in the Givati Brigade, has been in the Gaza Strip since the first day of the war. In a conversation with Lior Avisar, he shares his experiences as a startup CEO and fighter, his fellow reservists, and the trust in the team he left behind

The CEO of Oversee (formerly FairFly) has entered the company's offices since last 7.10, only once, and that was on one of the few days he received a visit home from the fighting. The rest of the time, Aviel Siman Tov, a combat major in the reserves, is in the Gaza Strip with the rest of the reserve brigade fighters of the Givati Brigade.
"The reservists are simply the best group of people I know," Aviel shares. "We have someone who flew back to Israel from New Jersey (where he lives) to rejoin the reserve unit and fight. Another left a family of six children at home and came among the first in Order 8, and another fighter I knew in the first week arrived five days after his wife gave birth."
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Aviel Siman Tov, CEO of Oversee
Aviel Siman Tov, CEO of Oversee
Aviel Siman Tov, CEO of Oversee
(courtesy oversee)
Did you have a dilemma when going into battle?
"No. Never. And there have been dozens of times that I have been called into battle in the last twenty years as a permanent and reserve officer. We have a responsibility as reserve fighters, and this responsibility means, among other things, that when we are called, we show up. And not just show up, enlist with total commitment, with all the implications that come with it in terms of personal cost. On my day job, I run the company, but I have another job, “Country-Work,” which always exists, and that's reserve service."
How does the company function when the company's CEO fights the war?
"Very good. It's not easy, and it's not the first time this has happened. In Operation Protective Edge, I was also drafted in Order 8 and spent two months in Gaza, and we overcame it. I trust our team with my eyes closed. We have strong management.2023 was a great year for us, and in 2024, we will exceed a revenue run rate of over $10 million in revenue per year. Oversee’s DNA, like the Israeli DNA, is one of doing, stepping up, and finding the "yes" in every situation. The non-reserve team members work almost twice as much to cover for those who do and do it with great love. I'm far away, but I'm completely relaxed."
He adds: "The company itself is also working to encourage and strengthen the home front, and has raised funds that were used to purchase equipment for families from the south who were uprooted from their homes. The ministry itself has also become a significant donation collection center for evacuated families and for those without equipment for soldiers."