Paris Auto Show

Former Director of Unit 8200 Sees Cyber Risks in Smart Mobility Technologies

Hacking transportation systems could serve both criminal and terrorist agendas, said retired Brig. Gen.Pinhas Buchris

CTech 16:5808.10.18

We need to talk about cybersecurity in the world of smart mobility, according to Pinhas Buchris, a managing partner at State of Mind Ventures and the former director of Unit 8200, the Israeli military's equivalent of the NSA. Cyber attacks are carried out by criminals and terrorists, Buchris said, and hacking transportation systems could serve both criminal and terrorist agendas.  


Buchris spoke last week at a panel on cybersecurity in the field of smart mobility which was moderated by Israeli venture capitalist Fiona Darmon. The panel took place as part of the conference on innovation held jointly by Calcalist and events firm Connecting Leaders Club at the Mondial de l'Automobile show in Paris. Jean-Marie Letort, head of cybersecurity evaluation and consulting at Thales Group, also participated in the panel, as did Yoav Levy, co-founder, and CEO of auto cybersecurity startup Upstream Security Ltd.



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