Israel to Require License for Using Electric Bicycles and E-Scooters

The Israeli government has approved a new set of regulations restricting the use of electric scooters and bicycles

Lior Gutman 15:5614.10.18
In a cabinet meeting held Sunday, the Israeli government has approved a plan to increase regulation on electric bikes and e-scooters. As part of the plan, introduced earlier this month by the country’s Ministry of Transportation, people who do not have a driver’s license and have not yet passed the written test required for issuing a license, will be required to undergo a short course and successfully pass an examination to gain permits for using e-bikes and electric scooters. In an effort to increase enforcement of existing regulations, riders under the age of 16 caught using electric scooters and bikes, will have their eligibility for a driver’s license postponed by one year. The new regulations also require all electric bicycle and scooter users to wear a high visibility vest when riding at night and a helmet at all times, setting a fine of NIS 1,000 (approximately $275) for users who fail to do so. The new regulations will come into force on January 1, 2019.


Electric scooter in Tel Aviv. Photo: Orel Cohen Electric scooter in Tel Aviv. Photo: Orel Cohen


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