Eight Old School Video Games You Can Play on Your Phone

Mobile devices are often seen as an office away from the office, but distraction is just a click away

Raphael Kahan 10:2104.01.19
Mobile devices can definitely make us more productive. With constant connectivity and numerous utility apps, the mobile phone is an office away from the office. It is also a personal, portable game console, which is always ready to go. Whether you are on a long flight on your way to a business trip or just in dire need of a distraction from tedious chores, here are eight games available for iOS and Android that will send you back in time, to when homework was your greatest concern.


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Solitaire. This classic single-player card game became a favorite of office workers and PC users when Microsoft integrated it into its operating system in 1990. The mobile version has been around for several years, offering five different versions of Solitaire as well as new features including social media connectivity.

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Solitaire on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot) Solitaire on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot)


Minesweeper. Much like Solitaire, Minesweeper gained much popularity in the 1990s as an in-office distraction, thanks to Microsoft. The single-player puzzle was included in Windows with the intention of helping users get acquainted with the mouse interface. Now, it is just a way to kill time.

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Tetris. The first game developed in the Soviet Union to ever be exported to the U.S. was released in 1984. The tile matching puzzle game became a standard in almost every game console and PC in the three decades past.

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Tetris on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot) Tetris on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot)


Brick Buster Games. From Atari's Breakout, built by Apple founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, to Taito’s Arkanoid, brick-busting games were among the most popular and addictive arcade games since the 1970s, with numerous versions by other companies released over the decades past.

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Snake. Originally released in the 1970s as an arcade game, Snake resurfaced in 1998 as one of the first mobile phone games when it was integrated into the Nokia mobile phone interface. Bus rides, long flights, and lazy afternoons have not been the same since.

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Pac-Man. Chased by ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, Pac-Man is still running around. This version maintains the 8-bit vibe of the original arcade game released in 1980.

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Pac-Man on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot) Pac-Man on mobile. Photo: iTunes/Google Play (screenshot)


Space Invaders. Another classic arcade game from Japanese game company Taito, Space Invaders gave birth to a whole genre of alien blasting games.

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Super Mario. The world’s most famous plumber recently got a makeover to fit the mobile age. The first game in the series, Super Mario Bros, was released by Nintendo in 1985 and has since spiraled into dozens of sequels and versions for almost every platform.

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Super Mario on iPhone. Photo: Shutterstock Super Mario on iPhone. Photo: Shutterstock


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