Arizona's Grayhawk Capital Launches $75 Million Early Growth Fund

The firm announced Monday it is appointing a new venture partner to focus on investments in Israel

Lilach Baumer 09:5919.03.19
Arizona-based venture capital firm Grayhawk Capital, which manages over $500 million in assets, is increasing its focus on Israeli technology with the appointment of a dedicated venture partner. The firm announced Monday it has appointed Leib Bolel, the CEO of bilateral trade organization the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, to oversee the domain for the company.


Grayhawk previously invested in two Israeli startups operating in Arizona, prescriptive analytics company Profitect Inc. and enterprise customer engagement company Totango Inc. The firm is now looking to invest in Israeli early stage companies, as part of its new $75 million fund announced Monday. 


Tel Aviv. Photo: Orr Hirschauge Tel Aviv. Photo: Orr Hirschauge



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