SodaStream's April Fools' Prank is Out of This World

The company partnered with American astronaut Scott Kelly to release a commercial of a fake product that turns your bodily gas into fizzy water

Adi Pick 17:1501.04.19
Israeli PepsiCo-owned at-home water carbonation company SodaStream International Ltd. produced a video promoting a fake new product as its April Fools’ prank, and it is out of this world.


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The commercial features American astronaut Scott Kelly promoting a fake product that turns bodily gas into fizzy water. The faux device attaches to the company’s water bottles and is “operated” by a user blowing into it. The carbon dioxide from the person’s breath is then converted by the device to turn regular water into carbonated water, according to the commercial.



“When life gives you gas, make soda water,” Kelly said in the video.


Other Israeli companies also released spoofs to celebrate the occasion. Music education startup JoyTunes Ltd. debuted a hoax version of its piano-teaching app that erases notes and shows you photos of your exes instead. Taxi-hailing company Gett Inc. published a poster saying that during the Israeli election taking place on April 9, each of its taxis will be equipped with its own ballot box.
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