Seven Tel Aviv Tech Conferences to Look Out for in June

June is one of Tel Aviv’s busiest months in terms of international technology events. Here are seven conferences you might want to keep your eye on

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June is one of Tel Aviv’s busiest months in terms of international technology events. Thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and tech experts flock to the city to take part in dozens of conferences and conventions. Of the many events to come, here are seven particularly noteworthy ones, whether you plan on attending or are just keeping an ear to the ground for interesting news.
Tel Aviv. Photo: Shutterstock Tel Aviv. Photo: Shutterstock
June 4-5: EdTech Israel—The Israeli Education Summit
A global summit focused on innovation in education, with discussions on subjects including the future job market and workforce readiness, human capital management and talent development, and innovations in today’s education and learning. The program features 48 international speakers and 40 Israeli speakers.


Among the noteworthy panels and sessions are a panel on women in the workforce and the gender divide, a panel about the possibilities of the Chinese market, and an international startup competition sponsored by Amazon Web Services.


June 10-13: EcoMotion Week 2019

The annual convention of Israeli non-profit organization EcoMotion, dedicated to smart transportation technologies, will be held in attendance of Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. The convention is focused on promoting discourse on mobility and the ways in which technology can help people move around the city more efficiently and at a reasonable cost.


June 11: Travel Tech Israel

The annual conference connects global corporations in the travel industry with both Israeli and International startups in related industries such as fintech, insurtech, food technologies, and cyber. Panels will include discussions of travel innovation and industry trends, with speakers from the likes of and Skyscanner.


June 12: Israel Mobile Summit 2019  
Held for the ninth year in a row, the event brings together over 2,000 mobile apps and adtech professionals. Panels will include cover topics including in-app monetization and accessing user-level data. The conference will also include a contest for Israeli startups developing mobile apps and games. Companies sending speakers include Facebook, Vimeo, Verizon Media, and Viber.


June 13: IBM’s Think Summit 2019

IBM’s annual artificial intelligence conference will feature panels and discussions by IBM experts on subjects including AI’s role in preventing human trafficking, data-driven organization perception, business automation, and client experience. The conference will also feature IBM’s Project Debater, an AI system that will compose and present short talks based on arguments proposed by attendees in real time.


June 23-27: Cyber Week 2019  

An annual event hosted by Tel Aviv University for the ninth time this year, bringing together cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, diplomats, and government officials. During the week of the conference, 8,000 people will attend over 50 roundtables, panels, workshops, forums, and competitions.


June 24: Calcalist’s 2019 Fintech Conference

Calcalist’s annual fintech conference will be held this month for the fifth consecutive time in collaboration with Bank Leumi and accounting firm KPMG Somekh Chaikin. The conference will address the growing interest in companies in the field of fintech and discuss issues including the role of banks in the changing financial sector, insurance companies’ reluctance to incorporate innovations, the most advanced cashless payment systems, and intriguing investments.
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