Mind the Tech 2019

Businessman Teddy Sagi Opens Calcalist’s Mind the Tech Conference

Sagi spoke Wednesday night at the conference’s opening cocktail party in London

Elihay Vidal 09:3212.09.19
Israeli-born businessman Teddy Sagi opened Calcalist’s third annual Mind the Tech conference in London on Wednesday, speaking at the cocktail party held the night before the main event.


“We are currently in the midst of a political storm in both Israel and the U.K.,” he said. “In less than a week, Israeli citizens will vote for the second time this year. Here in Britain, we are witnessing an extended drama concerning Brexit.”

Teddy Sagi. Photo: Orel Cohen Teddy Sagi. Photo: Orel Cohen



“Political disagreements increase anger and division in society. They highlight that which separates and not that which unites. As businesspeople, we are facing an important challenge—to do the exact opposite and unite around our common challenges and values. And that is exactly what we are doing here today.


“I hope that in Israel the disagreements will calm down after a new, stable government is formed. In London, it is best to bring the Brexit saga to its end. Brexit is giving rise to many worries, and I have expressed my negative opinion of it in the past. But I also understand part of the reason many of the U.K.’s citizens supported it and I believe it could also be an opportunity.”


“U.S. President Donald Trump has already announced that once the U.K. leaves the European Union, a trade agreement will be signed between the U.S. and the U.K. I estimate many countries will follow, and I hope Israel will be among them.”


“Friends, our questions regarding the future are many, but one thing remains clear: London was and will continue to be an important financial capital. Over 20% of the U.K.’s financial activity is located here. For me, London always was and always will be an attractive destination for investment, and I forecast it a favorable future with or without Brexit. I know Israelis like to talk about the American dream, but there is a viable European dream much closer, here in London.”


“We have invested much here in recent years. We built up Camden Market, and intend to open a new area we will inaugurate next year. We bought and renovated dozens of buildings we now manage in Holborn, we opened new branches of our shared office company Labs, and we expanded our e-commerce business in the U.K. In 2014 we listed payment technology company SafeCharge on the London Stock Exchange, and in May it was acquired by Nuvei Corp.


“Any one of you can be behind the next SafeCharge. It is, first and foremost, up to you: your hunger, your courage, your belief in your ability to create innovations that will make all of our lives better. There are quite a few of those already underway in Tel Aviv and in London. About some of them, we will even hear during the conference on Thursday.”

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