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6 Technologies to Make Your Black Friday Shopping Spree Easier

Whether you love or hate shopping, these Israel-linked tech companies can make the experience much easier and a lot more fun

Elham Nasser Eddin 08:0622.11.19

There are two types of people in this world—those people who love to shop and those who cannot stand it. Whether you like shopping or not, it often comes with some annoyances, like having to stand in line to try on a shirt or having it delivered directly to your home only to find it does not fit.


Ahead of Black Friday, here are six Israel-linked companies aiming to make shopping much easier and a lot more fun


Trigo Vision's team. Photo: PR Trigo Vision's team. Photo: PR



Founded: 2018

Based in: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founders: Daniel Gabay, Michael Gabay


After filling a large cart with consumable often half melting goods, nobody likes to stand in line for checkout at the supermarket. Shopping automation startup Trigo Vision Ltd. helps you bypass the line. The company’s technology uses in-store ceiling-mounted cameras to identify items picked up by customers and automatically charge them as they leave the store. Last month, the company announced London-listed supermarket chain Tesco PLC will integrate Trigo’s technology into its app letting registered customers using the Tesco app will be able to purchase products without having to use the check-out counter. Tesco has raised $29 million, not including Tesco’s investment.

Founder of MySize Ronen Luzon. Photo: Ilan Besor Founder of MySize Ronen Luzon. Photo: Ilan Besor



Founded: 1999

Based in: Israel

Founders: Ronen Luzon


Sick of purchasing things online that don’t fit? Nasdaq-listed My Size Inc., formerly known as Knowledgetree Ventures Inc., develops an app that helps customers take accurate measurements of their body, letting them guess their size more accurately when shopping online.The company’s measuring technology utilizes existing sensors in smartphones to measure distance and volume. It can also be used for measuring available space in a room or storage facility to make sure a certain piece of furniture or item fits.



Founded: 2012

Based in: Tel Aviv

Founders: Orit Hashay


Brayola Fitting Technologies Inc. operates an online lingerie marketplace for personalized bras. Brayola uses a smartphone algorithm and an ever-growing database to offer personalized bra recommendations to shoppers. It offers bras by over 100 brands available for purchase on its website. Customers give out details about the bras they own and Brayola recommends other styles with a similar fit. Brayola has raised $11.8 million to date.


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Photo: Bazaar Reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Photo: Bazaar



Founded: 2014

Based in: New York and Jerusalem

Founders: Mark Fishman, Meir Hurwitz, Jonathan Caras, Molly Hurwitz


Backed by Reality television star Kim Kardashian West, Screenshop lets users take screenshots of outfits they find on the web—for example, one of Zendaya’s latest styles—and offers them online shopping lists composed of an array of similar items, at a budget. Kim Kardashian serves as an advisor and a prompter for Screenshop. Incorporated as Craze Inc., Screenshop has raised $9.6 million to date.

Co-founder of Zeekit Yael Vizel. Photo: PR Co-founder of Zeekit Yael Vizel. Photo: PR



Founded: 2012

Based in: Tel Aviv

Founders: Yael Vizel, Alon Kristal, Nir Appleboim


Zeekit Online Shopping Ltd. develops a virtual fitting room where customers do not have to rely on their imagination anymore to conceptualize the content of their shopping cart. Users upload a photo of themselves to the virtual fitting room app, which processes it to simulate how clothes will fit them. Zeekit has raised $9.11 million up to date.



Founded: 2016

Based in: Tel Aviv

Founders: Benny Melamed, Isik Sonenshtain, Eyal Tirkel


Findodo Ltd. aims to alleviate some of your holiday gift buying stress. Users fill out an online quiz on the people they are shopping for and Findodo uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the recipients’ personality, and then suggests an array of gifts that the user can purchase online.  
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