Israel Wants Its High Ranking Officials to Drive Hybrid Cars

The government has issued a tender for nearly 1,000 hybrid vehicles and is looking to spend no more than NIS 230,000 ($66,157) per vehicle

Tomer Hadar and Udi Etsion 15:5202.12.19
Israel wants high ranking government officials to drive hybrid cars, according to a new government tender, which was reviewed by Calcalist. The government is looking to acquire nearly 1,000 hybrid vehicles for government ministers and high ranking government, security services, and fire department officials, with prices ranging from NIS 122,000 ($35,140) to NIS 230,000 ($66,157) per vehicle. According to the tender, the winning auto importer is expected to deliver the new vehicle by mid-2020.
Hybrid Toyota Camry. Photo: Amit Sha'al Hybrid Toyota Camry. Photo: Amit Sha'al