An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: 8 At-Home Health Monitoring Startups

Imagine a technology that can predict your next asthma attack a day before it occurs or detect a disease before you exhibit any symptoms. These eight companies are looking to turn your smartphone into a personal physician

Elham Nasser Eddin 17:2730.01.20
A digital health revolution is well on its way, with mobile applications and artificial intelligence technologies already capable of diagnosing and monitoring, if not treating, different diseases and conditions from the comfort of a patient’s home.


Imagine a technology that can predict your next asthma attack a day before it occurs or detect a disease before you exhibit major symptoms. Listed below are eight Israel-linked startups that are looking to turn your smartphone into a personal physician.

Founded: 2013

Founders: Yonatan Adiri

Based in: Tel Aviv Ltd., formerly known as OwnHealth, develops a mobile app for testing urine to diagnose a variety of infections, chronic illnesses, and pregnancy-related complications using the patients’ built in phone camera. The company uses computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze chemical color changes to dipsticks provided in a specialized kit, coming back with instant results. founder Yonatan Adiri. Photo: Amit Sha'al founder Yonatan Adiri. Photo: Amit Sha'al



Founded: 2017

Founders: Ari DeRowe, Zvi Reznic

Based in: Haifa


Resmetrix Medical Ltd. develops a wearable device that can detect early warning signs of asthma attacks. The company’s device wirelessly connects to a phone app offering health updates and enabling a quick medical intervention. The app uses AI to monitor the patient's breathing patterns and trends to evaluate asthma progression.


K health

Founded: 2016

Founders: Israel Roth, Allon Bloch, Ran Shaul, Adam Singolda

Based in: Tel Aviv and New York


K Health Inc. uses collects a user’s physician notes, lab results, and prescriptions, using AI to provide information and treatment suggestions based on how similar cases in its database were dealt with.


Hello Heart

Founded: 2013

Founders: Eran Keisar, Maayan Cohen, Ziv Meltzer

Based in: Redwood City, California


Hello Heart Inc. develops a mobile app that tests and monitors blood pressure and sugar levels at a patient’s home. The self-diagnosis platform provides users with personalized medical advice and helps track and monitor their health, drug intake, and physical exercise.

Hello Heart executives. Photo: PR Hello Heart executives. Photo: PR



Founded: 2007

Founders: Oren Oz

Based in: New York


Nuvo Group Ltd. develops wearable devices that aim to help pregnant women carry on their regular lifestyle without forgoing necessary monitoring. Nuvo’s technology combines AI and machine learning technologies to offer pregnant women fetal and maternal monitoring options without having to visit the doctor.


Pregnant mother (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock Pregnant mother (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock



Founded: 2012

Founders: Omri Shor, Rotem Shor

Based in: Haifa


Medisafe Project Ltd. develops a mobile app that helps patients follow their treatment and medication schedules. The company incorporates AI and behavioral data technologies to offer users customized notifications for refills or medication updates, as well as general health recommendations.

Medisafe co-founder Omri Shor. Photo: PR Medisafe co-founder Omri Shor. Photo: PR



Founded: 2016

Founders: Alon Ironi, Ronen Jashek, Rostislav Barabash, Shimon Eckhouse

Based in: Netanya, Israel


Theranica Bio-Electronics Ltd. develops a wearable migraine treatment device that can be controlled using a smartphone. The device combines electrical nerve stimulation (ENS) and Neuromuscular-stimulation (NMES) technologies to intercept pain signals traveling to the brain, thus alleviating symptoms.


Migraine (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock Migraine (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock




Founded: 2013

Based in: Kfar Saba, Israel

Founders: Ofer Limon, Alex Zlotnik


6 Over 6 Vision Ltd. develops an online service and a mobile app that enables users to test their vision online, using a smartphone or a computer. Among the tests offered pupillary distance (PD) and astigmatism.