Corona Q&A

In Israel, People Know How to Make the Best Out of Extreme Situations, Says LivePerson Exec

Yuval Matalon, general manager at Nasdaq and Tel Aviv-listed customer engagement company LivePerson, answered five questions about the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sector

CTech 11:3718.03.20

People in Israel know how to make the best out of tough situations, according to Yuval Matalon, general manager at Nasdaq and Tel Aviv-listed customer engagement company LivePerson Inc. In its attempt to curb the spread of the virus, the Israeli government announced stringent measures, including a ban on gatherings and a forced shut down of all nonessential businesses, grinding the economy to a temporary halt. 


On Sunday, Matalon answered five questions about the crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sector.


Yuval Matalon. Photo: Inbal Marmari Yuval Matalon. Photo: Inbal Marmari

How is your organization addressing the recent government directives?


In the past week, we have moved to a work from home module.


We are making sure our employees fully cooperate with health ministry regulations. Simultaneously, we are doing our best to keep our company’s routine up and running, through meetings and fun activities such as our weekly yoga class that is still happening via a video conference.


During these challenging times, we are keeping close connections with our employees at home. We have many more one-on-one meetings with employees. We also have forums where people share tips and tricks on how to handle and balance work and life during the crisis.


In what ways do you expect the coronavirus crisis to impact your organization in the coming months?


This is the time where our customers need us the most, LivePerson is helping brands to better communicate with customers. This is also the time where multiple call centers around the world are changing their work mode from office to home, which is facilitated by our AI-based communication platform. With this huge change, they need us to support them and develop even better ways for their employees to connect and function effortlessly from home.


How do you see the coronavirus crisis impacting the Israeli tech sector?


The coronavirus affects the economy worldwide. In Israel, people know how to adjust to changes and make the best out of extreme situations. Our employees are already bringing in new ideas and innovations to tackle some of the obstacles we are facing today. Our company has been here for 25 years, through the crisis and 9/11, and we always came out stronger. We plan to grow even further and, of course, help our customers do the same.


What can be done to minimize the damage?


Companies should use their technology to continue being productive and think strategically about the day when the crisis will be over. Times such as these give rise to positivity as well. We are given the opportunity to focus on essentials and let go of less important things.


What are the top three rules to follow to endure the crisis?


Invest more in your employees. Be there for them in a time of crisis, as their growth will help the company grow.


Listen closely to what your customers say. This is the time that they need you the most. Help them adjust, manage, and get through this difficult time to build confidence in your brand.


Continue to be productive, creative, and innovative. Innovation is at its best during tough times.