From Team Management to Company App Development: 6 Startups That Make Working From Home Easier

As living rooms across the world become makeshift offices, these Israeli startups can give your remote work processes the boost they need

Adi Pick 15:2230.03.20

The rapid global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) has put millions of people all over the world in quarantine. With a lot of businesses and companies switching to remote working methods, many have found themselves turning their kitchen or coffee tables into makeshift offices.


Below are six Israel-based startups offering online working tools that can help make the transition a little easier and a lot more productive.
Working from home (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock Working from home (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock

Founded: 2012

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding to date: $234 million


Even in our regular office routine, it can be difficult to manage a large team, but doing so from home can be even more overwhelming. Labs Ltd. offers its service to organizations and businesses, such as academic institutions, manufacturing companies, and the hospitality industry, helping team leaders assign tasks and keep track on progress, schedules, and budgets. Approximately 100,000 organizations use the company’s platform, according to company statements, including fast food chain McDonald’s, media streaming company Hulu LLC, website building company Ltd., and Danish brewery the Carlsberg Group.



Founded: 2015

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding to date: $5 million


Reach Digital Inc. develops a customer engagement service, letting companies conduct transactional meetings online. The company's service helps wrap up transactions, including paperwork offering an identity verification processes, that functions remotely as part of a real-time session. Through the service, companies can collect signatures and produce a video record of the customer’s transaction and their interaction with the company’s representative.




Founded: 2013

Based in: Givatayim

Funding to date: undisclosed


Webcand develops an online service that helps facilitate video job interviews to streamline the recruitment process. Candidates film themselves answering predefined questions issued by the company. The company’s service also includes features such as scheduling and receiving multiple video interviews at once, inviting serveral applicants to attend an automated interview via email or SMS, and creating an online database of potential candidates. The company lists Toyota, Amdocs, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries customers.




Founded: 2018

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding to date: $700,000


Clone develops an online communication service intended to provide remote professional assistance and guidance. The company uses virtual and augmented reality technologies to enable experts to virtually teleport themselves to another user's environment, such as a construction site, an operating room, or a typical office, enabling clients to communicate through speech and gestures as if they were physically standing next to each other.




Founded: 2015

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding to date: $1.5 million


Chatway Inc. develops an online business chat service intended to assist companies with team management and collaboration. The company's platform offered shared cloud storage, co-authored notes, organized group tasks with communal to-do lists, helping users turn workplace conversations into actionable items on their agenda.




Founded: 2013

Based in: Tel Aviv and New York City

Funding to date: $4.3 million


Connecteam Inc. develops a mobile business optimization service designed to help businesses create their own mobile apps for managing their staff. The company's system integrates with an online platform to create mobile training manuals, establish communication between management teams and employees, and assist executives with the monitoring and management of their remote employees. Available features than can be added to the app features can include an employee time clock, scheduling tools, and employee training manuals.