These Home Workout Startups Will Keep You in Shape Even During a Global Lockdown

Below are six Israel-based startups offering online workout tools that can help prevent your transition from gym rat to couch potato during the Covid-19 crisis

Adi Pick 10:1927.03.20

The rapid global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) has placed millions of people all over the world in home quarantine or voluntary isolation. While gyms, fitness centers, and yoga studios have been forced to shut down until the crisis is passed, this does not mean you have to let yourself go. In fact, especially when cooped up inside the house, exercise has clear mental and physical benefits. Luckily, with internet connectivity, a smartphone, and some healthy motivation, there are still some good ways to keep up with your fitness goals from the comfort of your living room or bedroom.


Below are six Israel-based startups offering online workout tools that can help prevent your transition from gym rat to couch potato.


Running workout (illustration). Photo: AFP Running workout (illustration). Photo: AFP



Founded: 2011

Based in: Petah Tikva

Funding: undisclosed


Fitness22 Ltd. develops a line of fitness apps for home workouts, including a digital personal trainer and a trainer app for inexperienced joggers. The company’s apps include a personal audio coach that guides users with instructions, specific to their fitness level and physical condition. Fitness22 includes apps that assist with different fitness goals, including aerobic conditioning, strength training, and even better sleep, and also offers training programs that combine multiple features into a single, organized workout.




Founded: 2018

Based in: Haifa

Funding: undisclosed


FitMyTime develops an online marketplace that connects trainers and trainees from around the world for live, online, one-on-one or group fitness and yoga workouts. The company’s website lets users search for fitness and wellness-related classes, including meditation, post-pregnancy workouts, sculpting and toning, CrossFit, pilates, and yoga. Users can search instructors or classes by activity type, the language of instruction, and the price per hour.




Founded: 2004

Based in: Ramat Gan

Funding: $2 million


EyeClick Ltd. develops interactive gaming hardware that can convert any physical space, including a living room or bedroom, into an active playtime site, by using a projection screen combined with dual motion sensors. More than 200 interactive games requiring movement are available on EyeClick’s system. The technology is also used in hospitals to help younger patients regain muscle strength through games. The company lists McDonald's Corp, Domino's Pizza Inc., and IKEA Systems BV as customers.


EyeClick's interactive playtime setup. Photo: PR EyeClick's interactive playtime setup. Photo: PR



Founded: 2015

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding: undisclosed


BlazePod Inc. develops devices with built-in sensors that can be placed on the ground or attached to a boxing bag or other sports instrument. The device connects to a mobile app that tracks the athletes’ progress, providing tips and insights and on their reaction time and reflexes, as well as agility, speed, balance, and stamina. The company’s app also offers individual and group home workouts.



Founded: 2011

Based in: Or Yehuda

Funding: undisclosed


WizeCare Technologies Ltd. develops tools for remote physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. WizeCare offers software enabling healthcare professionals to guide their patients during at-home rehabilitation exercises. WizeCare’s system generates personalized guidance videos to each patient, according to specifications given by the therapist. Healthcare providers can also choose from an existing library of videos. The therapist can track patients’ compliance and milestones, and adjust the program accordingly. In 2018, the company partnered with the Cleveland Clinic, considered one of the best hospitals in the U.S.

Shai David (left), Roy Shteren, Yoav Bachrach. Photo: WizeCare Technologies Shai David (left), Roy Shteren, Yoav Bachrach. Photo: WizeCare Technologies




Founded: 2017

Based in: Tel Aviv

Funding: undisclosed


MoonRun develops a sling trainer device embedded with movement sensors for at-home aerobic exercises. The device monitors controlled physical movements such as walking, running, sprinting, turning, jumping, and squatting in a virtual reality environment. Weighing 1.5 kilograms, the device can be hung onto a door or pole and the embedded sensors can interface with any third-pary fitness app, according to the company. The company’s device was featured on the Israeli version of the show “Shark Tank.”