Face Recognition Startup AnyVision Places Dozens of Employees on Unpaid Leave, Report Says

Video surveillance news website IPVM reported earlier this month that AnyVision attributed the decision to the Covid-19 crisis. Microsoft’s investment arm M12 announced Friday it is divesting its stake in the Israeli company

Meir Orbach 12:3131.03.20

Israeli AI-based face recognition startup AnyVision Interactive Technologies Ltd. has placed dozens of its employees on unpaid leave, video surveillance news website IPVM.com reported earlier this month. According to IPVM, the company cited the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as the reason for the decision.


Microsoft’s investment arm M12 announced Friday it has decided to divest its stake in AnyVision.

Facial recognition (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock Facial recognition (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock


Founded in 2015, AnyVision develops software for real-time face and object recognition in large crowds, using artificial intelligence algorithms. The company’s technology can interface with cameras for security purposes, such as in airports and stadiums, or for commercial purposes, such as when used by retailers. The company employs a team of 300 employees, according to Pitchbook data.