Israeli Startup Tries to Clear the Air in Hospital Wards

Aura Air puts its air purification system to the test on the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19

Meir Orbach 15:0119.04.20

Israeli startup Aura Smart Air Ltdis putting its air purification system to the test, launching a trial at the Central Israel Sheba Medical Center in an effort to filter out the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the hospital’s surgical ward.


On the heels of successful antibacterial laboratory trials that saw its system kill off 99% of influenza viruses, Aura Air, which is part of Highroad Launchpad’s investment portfolio, has shown the potential to filter out the airborne virus, according to company statements.


The new Emergency Ward at Sheba Medical Center. Photo: Shaul Golan The new Emergency Ward at Sheba Medical Center. Photo: Shaul Golan
This is the latest in a series of tests on similar viruses carried out by Aura Air together with its strategic partner Bet- El Industries Ltd.


“We started this pilot in order to help the ward in reducing potential infections. Now, we are focused on purifying and sterilizing the air of resistant viruses, including coronavirus (Covid-19),” Aviad Schneiderman, Aura Air’s CEO, and founding partner said in a statement. “In light of our impressive results on the anti-bacterial front, Aura Air is in the final stages of approval for funding by the European Union, who set a goal to find solutions for closed-space infections, with a special emphasis on the coronavirus.”


Following a successful pilot that began in February, the hospital decided to expand the cooperation to include diagnostics labs, staff on-call rooms, surgical units, and at-risk wards. Clinical and microbiological trails will be carried out concurrently.