We Anticipate At Least One Worldwide Crisis When Creating a Fund, Says VC

Tal Slobodkin, Managing Partner at StageOne Ventures spoke to CTech about what the coronavirus era means for investors

CTech 12:5714.05.20
“We anticipate at least one global crisis when creating a fund,” Tal Slobodkin, managing partner at StageOne Ventures told CTech reporter Adi Pick.“We can’t project when it’s going to be here, only that there will be one and we want to be ready for it,” Slobodkin said when asked what the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic means for investors.


The interview was conducted as part of Google and Calcalist’s Startup Week conference.


“Over the last two months we have tried not to focus on coronavirus-related companies, and lately we’ve seen a bunch of those,” he added. “We’re a long term vehicle. We usually invest for 10 to 12 years.”