Lightrun announces $4 million raised in seed round funding

The Israeli company’s software allows programmers to make changes to running code, without having to redeploy

Hagar Ravet 16:2324.06.20
Israeli production debugging startup Lightrun announced Wednesday it had completed a $4 million seed funding round led by Glilot Capital Partners and Angel investors including Benny Schneider, Zohar Gilon, Ran Sarig, Efi Cohen, Sarit Firon, Modi Rozen and Guy Guzner among others.


Lightrun’s technology is used to improve companies’ development ecosystem and allows programmers to gather data on live applications and debug the code in real time, without having to redeploy a new version every time they want to add or change the code. Programmers can use Lightrun’s extension to add logs, performance metrics and traces to operating production and staging platforms, gather the data required to understand a problem, and send it to their logging system.


Lightrun co-founders Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blouvshtein. Photo: Tomer Rotenberg Lightrun co-founders Ilan Peleg and Leonid Blouvshtein. Photo: Tomer Rotenberg
In order to ensure network stability, with minimum impact on performance, Lightrun also developed a sandbox environment (patent pending) to verify that there are no potential side effects that can negatively affect the running application. Lightrun is platform agnostic and operates on the cloud. The company says it already has paying clients and is in advanced negotiations with enterprise and Fortune 500 companies.


“The ability to quickly develop technologies is still limited. Programmers often encounter outdated impediments while they fix their code,” Ilan Peleg, Lightrun’s co-founder and CEO told Calcalist. “The problems have been fixed in other development stages and now we at Lightrun are building on those solutions and enabling fast and flexible development even in the final stages when the code is already operational and the program is running.”