Wanted: Israeli startups that are fighting Covid-19

Start-Up Nation Central in collaboration with CTech and AFP invites Israeli startups offering innovative technologies that tackle the pandemic to participate in a global campaign

CTech 20:0206.07.20
Since the outbreak of the Covid-19) pandemic, Israeli technologies and startups have received global attention from foreign governments and authorities, health officials, and investors due to their innovative and energetic approach to coping with the threat on every level.


On Monday, Tel Aviv-based nonprofit Start-Up Nation Central (SNC)—in collaboration with CTech, Next, and AFP News Agency— is issuing a call for Israeli startups that are working on technologies that tackle the pandemic, to participate in a global campaign. The call for proposals is aimed at Israeli startups that are developing unique, innovative technologies that provide solutions to the various aspects of coping with the pandemic and which have already been implemented by national or local governments, health organizations, or businesses anywhere in the world.


Israel’s tech ecosystem—one of the world’s most innovative—has proven to be agile, proactive, and adaptive in combating the spread of the virus, managing public health, streamlining supply chains, and overcoming manufacturing challenges, among many other creative initiatives.


The campaign will showcase Israel as an innovation superpower taking on the global crisis. Selected startups will be featured in an international promotional effort and will receive local and international media coverage.


Startups and tech companies are welcome to apply by clicking here.


Start-Up Nation Central, is an independent non-profit organization that connects business, government, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) leaders around the world to Israeli innovation and tech companies.


"The demand for tech solutions that tackle today’s challenges is on the rise and breakthrough Israeli technologies now have an opportunity to stand out," Eyal Goldman, vice president of communication and brands at SNC, said in a statement. “The campaign will generate strategic partnerships and collaborations between Israeli startups and leading multinational companies and, most importantly, will help the world overcome today’s challenges,” he added.