Normalization in action: GKH Law Offices to hold joint tech webinar with UAE law firm BSA

Dubai investors to potentially pour billions of dollars into Israeli tech, says head of GHK’s tech and VC department

James Spiro 15:4220.08.20
Business cooperation between Israel-based law firm GKH and a leading law firm in Dubai, BSA, has taken its first step with the announcement of a new joint webinar. ‘Doing Business in UAE’ will provide presentations by senior partners pertaining to regulatory frameworks, taxation, banking, and the structure of the legal systems.


The office of BSA (BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP) provides representation to clients who operate in Dubai regarding commercial, taxation, regulatory, dispute resolution, and more. The webinar, which will be held on Thursday, August 27, will be led by GKH partners Ayal Shenhav and Etai Shay. It is aimed at Israelis who wish to work or do business in the United Arab Emirates.

Head of GHK Adv. David Hodak. Photo: Osnat Rom Head of GHK Adv. David Hodak. Photo: Osnat Rom


"It seems that peace between the United Arab Emirates and Israel will develop into peace between both peoples and economies,” said the head of the firm, David Hodak. “This is an important event and our firm is preparing to promote cooperation with a leading law firm in the Emirates to support the expansion of collaborations of Israeli entrepreneurs and companies in the Emirates as well as assistance to companies and entrepreneurs from the Emirates in Israel."


"The peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates has dramatic effects on the Israeli tech industry and the Israeli economy in general,” added Ayal Shenhav, partner and head of the high-tech and venture capital division at GKH. “In the short term, it is to be expected that Israeli companies will be able to enter a new target market. Big data and other fields Israel excels in will augment defense exports. In the medium term, there is a potential for investment of billions of dollars by Dubai investors that will flow mainly to startup companies, either directly or through venture capital funds."


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