Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and technology: Innovations in industry

On Day 4 of Calcalist and ESIL's "Sustainability and Innovation Week" experts discuss the challenges and opportunities of environmental technologies

CTech 15:4409.09.20
In recent years, efforts have increased to find solutions to global and local environmental challenges as well as to introduce sustainable innovation into various industries. These moves are motivated by concern for natural resources and the environment but have also created new business opportunities for traditional companies and enabled new startups to break into the field.


In the fourth of a special series of panels, experts from Israel and abroad discussed the challenges and opportunities of investment, development and adoption of environmentally friendly technologies and   renewable energies.


The speakers on today's panel included Inna Braverman, co-founder of Eco Wave Power; Shlomi Basson, CEO of BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd; Dr. Shaul Lapidot, CEO of Melodea Ltd.; Amir Horowitz, Business Development Manager - New Technologies at EDF Renewables Israel; Talmon Marco, CEO of H2Pro Ltd.; and Oded Rozenberg, CEO of Apollo Power.