Biden will be a better friend to Israel than Trump is, claims former NY congressman

Former congressman Steve Israel spoke with Calcalist about the Democratic candidate support for Iron Dome and the anti-Semitic event that sparked his run for president

James Spiro 15:5521.10.20



Former Democratic congressman Steve Israel asserted that Democratic nominee Joe Biden will be a better friend to Israel than his opponent, President Donald Trump. The former Vice President is currently leading in both national polls and most swing states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.


“People don’t understand the pivotal role he has played in supporting Israel,” said the congressman when speaking with Calcalist. “When Hamas launched rockets in 2014, and Israel desperately needed the Iron Dome batteries to be resupplied, it was Joe Biden who said ‘let’s get it done’.”


As well as his commitment to supporting Israel in the Middle East, Steve Israel also highlighted the event that Biden claims is the reason he decided to run for president. At a Charlottesville rally in 2017, neo-Nazi marchers passed a synagogue chanting ‘Jews will not replace us.’


“Those two issues, supporting Israel and combatting anti-Semitism and extremism in any form, those are Joe Biden’s natural impulses and he going to pursue them every day as president.”


Steve Israel served as a New York congressman for the Democratic Party between 2001 and 2017. In that time, he served as the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. In 2016, he announced he would not seek re-election.