Emirati financial executive urges Israeli companies to set up business in the UAE

Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, CEO of Trust with Trade Group and an adviser to the Emirati royal family, believes there are numerous economic opportunities for both countries

Maayan Manela 17:2102.11.20


Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, CEO of Trust with Trade Group, an Emirati company that manages family offices and advises royal family members, is calling on Israeli companies to come and set up business in the United Arab Emirates.


Zaveri, who works mainly in the fields of energy and oil, sustainability and biotechnology, said The Trust with Trade Group is looking mainly to invest in companies that have a local presence in the UAE.


“We are seriously examining the possibility to collaborate and connect with organizations that focus on biotechnology, fintech, sustainability, as well as in specific sectors of biotechnology. We are also considering investments and collaborations with Israeli companies,” Zaveri said during a discussion with Hagar Ravet as part of Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s "Economic Opportunities in the UAE" online conference.


“We hope that companies come here, we will provide them with licenses and local documents to allow them to conduct business relations, and raise funds and capital investments with local partners,” she said. According to Zaveri, the current trends of fintech and energy are transitioning to using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, a combination of augmented reality and AI, as well as positive and existing technologies.


She added that the UAE is quick to issue licenses and file forms that will allow Israeli companies to penetrate the economy in a much better way.


“We need technological innovation that can enter the fields of cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, and sustainability. The UAE has created an individual and unique way of adopting technology, since often technologies exist, but aren’t widely adopted. I definitely am looking for good opportunities in the fields of AI, robotics, big data, and machine learning, and those fields will continue to thrive in the future,” she said.