UPL director optimistic about potential agritech collaborations between Israel and UAE

The company’s director shares some of his predictions about the countries and any role they might play together

CTech 21:0202.11.20


Vikram Shroff, a director at Indian agrochemicals multinational UPL Limited, who is based out of Dubai, believes the peace accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates present fantastic opportunities for the agricultural sectors in both countries.


Speaking as part of Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s "Economic Opportunities in the UAE" online conference, Shroff talked of the advantages Dubai presents to multinationals like UPL Limited, which manufactures and markets agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, and specialty chemicals, while also offering crop protection solutions. UPL is headquartered in Mumbai but has offices across the globe.


Shroff is predicting fruitful partnerships between agritech companies in Israel and the UAE. "We have had positive exposure with Israelis and Israeli agritech. Our seed division is based in Dubai and we are very keen for collaboration and buyouts with various Israeli companies. We think that this momentous agreement will help facilitate that," said Shroff. "I think Israeli companies can play a huge positive role in drip irrigation, water conservation technologies, dissemination and food security. Israel has been a pioneer in growing food in harsh environments."