Israeli tech can benefit from a new generation of UAE investors taking the reins from their fathers

The younger generation of investors want to diversify their portfolios, but require the know-how that Israelis can provide, says Obediah Ayton

CTech 15:5203.11.20

The warming of relations between the UAE and Israel comes at a sensitive time for the Persian Gulf state, as control of the wealth of the dominant families changes hands from the fathers who created it to their sons and daughters who want to ensure its increase. For many, this means transitioning from traditional investment assets such as real estate, bonds, or infrastructure into the less familiar world of tech.


In an interview with CTech’s Ron Friedman, Obediah Ayton, Director Of Business Development at The Private Investment Group & Ayton Family Office Trust, speaks about the inter-generational shift and the opportunities it may provide for Israeli companies, entrepreneurs, and experts.


He highlighted the fields of agtech, medtech, and logistics as areas that the government was interested in pursuing and which companies are keen to invest in. He noted that in the UAE there is a tendency to “look 50 years into the future,” and urged people who could align themselves with that vision to come to the Gulf and seek out collaborations.