Record-breaking capital raise: Israel’s Cannabotech develops cannabis-based medical solutions to help people with pancreatic and colorectal cancer

Over recent months, it has become clear to the world that new and non-traditional pathways to developing medical solutions are required

By Cannabotech 09:3310.11.20
In addition, it has become clear to the investing world that the future of healthcare is dependent on Biomed companies who will be the ones to deliver significant developments to the sector and whose stocks are spiking by tens of percent all around the world, over generics or traditional pharmaceutical companies.


One company that stands out in this landscape is Israel-based Cannabotech — a company with a revolutionary new and unique approach and vision, providing advanced and effective medical solutions based on medical cannabis and healing mushrooms. Cannabotech’s dedicated IP pending formulation to treat several conditions, such as multiple types of cancer, chronic pain conditions and chronic skincare conditions.


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Contrary to the conventional drug development process, who dedicates years to research and development and requires major costs, Cannabotech’s technology and R&D capabilities enable the company to rely on a shorter research and development processes, and within a few short years with relatively low costs, it will be able to present a medical cannabis based solution to aid people suffering from cancer and other complex diseases.


Cannabotech’s financing round, which took place over the course of a year. was able to reach an unprecedented achievement raising NIS 15 million from more than 1,000 public investors and clients, due to Cannabotech’s status of being a public traded company.


According to the company, the great trust their investors put in them is due to Cannabotech’s unique approach to research and development, which is aimed to disrupt the healthcare sector traditional processes. The approach is backed by the company’s managerial and scientific team which is made up of pharma industry experts with hundreds of cumulative years of experience, leading global and local pharmaceutical drug developments, marketing and sales.


In the following interview Moav Gafni, Cannabotech’s VP of development, and Doctor Efrat Oron who leads Cannabotech’s research on cannabis and medicinal mushrooms, share their vision, their technological innovations, and the company’s future roadmap.


As Cannabotech’s financing round comes to an end in less than 2 weeks, this is the last opportunity for the public to join the innovative biotech company and buy its shares before the round ends, and take part in developing a unique solution to help people suffering from pancreatic and colorectal cancer.