Corona-bot: See the rise of the robots in the Covid-19 era

Robots have had their moment to shine this year as they step in to be our waiters, cleaners, doctors, and delivery agents. Let’s see how humans are using them in the Covid-19 era.

CTech Service 17:0612.11.20


1. 1.

A robot is seen cleaning the Siam Center Mall in Bangkok, Thailand


2 2
This rotating robot stands tall to measure the temperature of employees as they enter their offices in South Korea


3 3
This Covid-19 patient receives her dietary instructions via a telecommunication tool strapped to a robot in Nuweiba, India


4 4
In this South Korean restaurant, robots are used to deliver food and drink to customers who wish to social distance


5 5
This doctor met an especially famous robot in New Mexico, LaLuchy Robotina, and grabbed a quick selfie with the robot rockstar


6 6
In this Japan-based zoo, a robot is giving a tour to audience members on the other side of the screen


7 7
At the Gatan Takanawa train station in Tokyo, a noodle delivery robot is taking payments from smartphones


8 8
In London’s St. Pancras station, this robot is cleaning surfaces and eradicating viruses


9 9
These friendly robots from Softbank Robotics in Paris can read your face and tell you to wear a mask if you’re not already


10 10
Avtrin’s robots are based in Japan and can help users broadcast videos and see the robot’s environment


11 11

Kids look on as this robot educates them on the dangers of Covid-19 in Frankfurt


12 12
This friendly, albeit terrifying, robot checks the temperatures of these young children in Madrid, Spain


13 13
Medical doctors in India ask his robot doctor for a second opinion as they conduct tests on this patient


14 14
For those who miss the intimacy of loved ones, there’s always a robot who is programmed to hold your hand in times of loneliness