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Walmart turns to Israeli software to create interactive shopping experience

British-born CCO of Walmart and Israeli musician-turned-software-startup-founder create ways to improve traditional shopping experience

CTech 17:0417.11.20

During Calcalist and CTech’s Mind The Tech conference, Janey Whiteside EVP and Chief Customer Officer of Walmart partnered with Israeli software startup EKO to improve the traditional shopping experience.


“We’re super excited to be working with EKO who helped us bring interactive content to our customers that basically makes shopping at Walmart fun, whether in person or at the store,” Whiteside said.


She elaborated that her service platform offers customers the chance to make shopping an interactive experience, and aims to change the relationship that retail has with its customers. She noted that the experience has gone from simply transactional to a more emotional and fun experience that plays a much larger role in people’s lives. The service gives people information and content in an engaging way before they make a purchase.


Yoni Bloch, co-founder and CEO of EKO and an Israeli musician is helping develop that software and is looking for new and creative ways to entertain customers.


“Walmart is by far the largest retailer, and although not offered in Israel,” he said, “it’s transitioning into something that is less based on physical location, and is looking to bring all the work it has done with customer relations to the internet.”


Whiteside added that this will add a new dimension to shopping, by enabling retailers to use storytelling to make their product appeal to consumers. Shoppers will be able to turn the image around or virtually “try on” clothing without necessarily looking at a flat 2D picture on a computer screen.