Dubai Conference

“Israel-UAE peace accords are a great opportunity to get to know one another,” says Emirati philanthropist

Raza Jaffer tells story of personal hardship, and how it led him to his career path today

Naomi Zoreff 13:5625.11.20


“The Israel-UAE peace accords are a great opportunity, not only for the industry and commerce, but also to learn more about one another, and to plan for a long term partnership,” Raza Jaffer, an Emirati philanthropist and entrepreneur said as he spoke to Lior Keinan from Reshet 13 during the Israel-Dubai Conference organized by Calcalist, Bank Leumi, and Reshet 13. Jaffer is the founder of the Global Sustainability Network which focuses on SDG-8, the eighth goal out of the 17 set out by the United Nations to reach a sustainable and just society.


Jaffer works mainly in the fields of job creation, youth unemployment and ending slavery today. His business ventures include banks, insurance companies, private airlines, real estate and hospitality companies. Now, his primary focus is on the health field, where he is looking to bring innovative technological tools that emphasize customer service excellence to promote better and equal health service to developing countries around the world.


Jaffer recalled his personal life story that led him to be a businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. “I was born in Pakistan and grew up there, in Bangladesh, and the Emirates. When I returned to Pakistan at the age of 18, I had an accident and I lost one of my eyes, and entered business earlier than planned, and I was forced to start working and studying simultaneously. I worked in many places in the mall, I sold watches and yogurt,” he told the audience, adding how already at the beginning of his journey he began to donate.