Mind The Tech TLV

"5G, Fintech, Greentech, and Healthtech companies will set the agenda in 2021."

Speaking with Calcalist’s Sophie Shulman, UBS’s Head of Global Asset Allocation Mark Andersen discusses how more traditional sectors can catch up with the acceleration created by Covid-19

James Spiro 15:5109.12.20



“Technology has shaped the way that we live and Covid-19 has accelerated the trends that we’ve been seeing,” explained UBS’s Mark Andersen while speaking to Sophie Shulman at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech TLV. This year was certainly a strong one for some sectors in high-tech, but the Head of Global Asset Allocation believes that 2021 will have its agenda set by some specific ones in particular.


“If we start thinking about the investment landscape in the next decade, we need to think about investing in transformation technologies," he continued. "These are mainly 5G technology companies, fintech, health technologies and green technologies. We want to bring our customers there, and we see a lot of opportunities.”


“In 2021, the old school sectors will be able to perform well as the vaccines allow us to return to ‘the old way’ of living,” he continued. However, he still stressed the importance that technology will have on legacy sectors like finance, healthcare, and others as the world opens up again. “There will be an acceleration of these new trends which will be disrupting and transforming these sectors.”


You can watch his entire exchange in the video above.