Elcam Medical invests $1.5 million in Serenno Medical for kidney monitoring device

Serenno Medical is working on developing a remote monitoring device which helps in early detection to prevent kidney failure

Yafit Ovadia 12:4020.01.21
Elcam Medical, an Israeli healthtech company that creates medical devices for monitoring fluid management in a variety of different medical fields will invest $1.5 in Serenno Medical, a local medical device startup and will manufacture Serenno’s urine output and intra-abdominal pressure digital monitoring device, Sentinel. The device is designed to detect acute kidney injuries (AKI), or severe loss of kidney function which can progress quite rapidly and lead to severe deterioration in a patient’s health.


Other investors include Alon Medtech Ventures, which is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority and is an early stage capital investing firm founded by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, a leading entrepreneur in the medical field industry. Sentinel will be used in a wide variety of hospitals to help treat patients and monitor kidney health. Serenno Medical was founded in 2017 by Noam Hadas and Tomer Lark and is based in the Yokneam High-Tech Park, a hub in Northern Israel.


Serenno's medical device, Sentinel, which can be used in early detection of AKI. Photo: Serenno Serenno's medical device, Sentinel, which can be used in early detection of AKI. Photo: Serenno


Sentinel will be able to detect early symptoms of AKI by measuring urine output to monitor whether a patient’s kidneys are functioning well or not. Acute changes are complicated to detect and diagnoses are often revealed when it is already too late. The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has been known to actually exacerbate the prevalence of kidney failure. In addition, it also allows detection to be conducted remotely, reducing the risk of hospital staff.


"Our plan is to begin deployment of the devices in several US hospitals towards the end of 2021, in the hope to eventually reduce kidney failure risk for every patient at ICUs,” Serenno’s co-founder and CEO Tomer Lark said.