IAI reveals WASP, an aerial surveillance system to track moving targets

Its aerial coverage can expand to 15 square kilometers when mounted on a Heron 1 aircraft

James Spiro 14:4008.02.21

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on Monday unveiled WASP, a new surveillance system that provides situational awareness pictures of moving targets. With AI algorithms capable of capturing high-resolution images day and night, the system can track, identify, and alert the system operator of targets that correlate with missions and objectives. WASP is compatible with platforms such as UAVs, drones, aircraft, and surveillance balloons.


“The development of WASP exemplifies IAI’s novel strategy to ISR systems development, intelligence, and information fusion capabilities,” said Moshe Levy, IAI Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Military Aircraft Group. “By providing a highly detailed intelligence picture in a wide area, WASP provides excellent two-layer situational awareness that comprises both visual and intelligence information. As a compact and light system, it can be mounted on a range of platforms to provide strong intelligence capabilities already on the tactical level.”
The Heron 1 UAV with the WASP. Photo: IAI The Heron 1 UAV with the WASP. Photo: IAI


The coverage area by WASP, as well as its resolution, changes according to its altitude and platform. When mounted on a tactical UAV like a BirdEye 650D, it can cover two square kilometers and detect all moving targets. When mounted on the Heron 1 (pictured), coverage can expand to 15 square kilometers.


IAI was established in 1953 and is one of Israel’s largest technology employers. It develops technologies for space, land, air, naval, and cyber industries including satellites, UAVs, missiles, intelligence solutions, weapon systems, air defense systems, robotic systems, radars, business jets, aerostructures, and more.