Decama Capital Ltd. appoints Professor Lior Elbaz as Chief Development Officer

The appointment comes at a time when the Israeli investment company explores opportunities in renewable energy

James Spiro 10:5225.02.21

Israeli investment company Decama Capital Ltd. has appointed Professor Lior Elbaz as Chief Development Officer. The announcement comes at a time where the company aims to explore investment opportunities in emerging and growing sectors, including renewable energy.


Professor Elbaz is an Israeli Chemical Engineer and Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University. While he will bring his experience in green energy to the role at Decama Capital, it is his particular interest in hydrogen that attracted him to the team. He is currently a Visiting Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, an area known for its creation of the American Atomic bomb.
Professor Lior Elbaz. Photo: Decama Capital Ltd. Professor Lior Elbaz. Photo: Decama Capital Ltd.


“I am proud to bring my expertise in the green energy technology space to Decama Capital Ltd - a company looking to do its part in the fight against climate change by investing in the renewable energy sector and particularly exploring opportunities with hydrogen solutions,” said Professor Lior Elbaz. “I look forward to becoming a member of their highly acclaimed team.”


Professor Elbaz’s appointment comes as the company is making plans to expand into the green energy sector, with emphasis on investment opportunities in the hydrogen space. Nate Lorenzi, CEO of Decama Capital Ltd, called Professor Elbaz’s knowledge “invaluable as we embark on expanding Decama Capital Ltd’s offering and expertise in the renewable energy space.”


Decama Capital Ltd. is an Israeli investment company with headquarters in London, UK. It was founded in 2007 and is listed on the el Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: DCMA).