Radiology Partners and Aidoc to use AI technology in radiology scans

The partnership will rely on Israeli artificial intelligence technology tools in radiology imaging, shortening assessment time, saving lives

CTech 16:0206.04.21
California-based Radiology Partners, the leading radiology practice in the United States plans to work with Israeli startup Aidoc to provide artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve medical imaging, the companies announced on Tuesday.


The intention is to partner with Aidoc, a Tel-Aviv-based software company that develops a single-screen system for radiologists and other physicians to help expedite patient treatment and improve the quality of healthcare. Aidoc's AI solutions reduce assessment time, and increase quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real-time, such as spinal fractures, pulmonary embolisms, large vessel strokes, or pneumoperitoneum.
Rich Whitney from Radiology Partners (right) and Elad Walach of Aidoc. Photo: Guy Shriber Rich Whitney from Radiology Partners (right) and Elad Walach of Aidoc. Photo: Guy Shriber


The technology provides physicians with a safety net, allowing them to slash the time from scan to diagnosis to under five minutes, at times saving a patient’s life. “The adoption of AI promises to deliver better clinical outcomes and save lives,” said Dr. Nina Kottler, Radiology Partners’ Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Artificial Intelligence.


Aidoc’s solutions are currently deployed at over 500 leading medical centers in the U.S. and worldwide, and have sped up diagnostic time by over 30%. This partnership will allow Israeli technology to be deployed at Radiology Partners’ facilities, which operate in 33 states, and serve more than 3,400 hospitals and clinical facilities across the U.S.


“AI has the potential to unlock enormous value for the entire healthcare ecosystem, and will have a systemic influence on the overall delivery of patient care,” said Rich Whitney, CEO and Chairman of Radiology Partners. “We are fast approaching a world in which AI tools serve as critical skill multipliers for physicians, allowing step-function improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes, and reductions in overall healthcare costs,” he added.


“Over the past four years, we’ve developed the most comprehensive acute AI suite on the market. This partnership will accelerate adoption and establish an exciting new standard of care in the radiology field,” Elad Walach said, who serves as Aidoc’s co-founder and CEO.


In addition to implementing this technology, the companies will work toward developing new clinical programs and AI-based radiology services to broaden the impact of AI in clinical care. Some of those areas include assessing real-world data, post-market surveillance, marketing, distribution and physician education, as well as training and feedback.