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Zoomin CEO shares insights after returning to Israel

Gal Oron returned to Israel after a year and a half of building his company in New York - what did he miss?

James Spiro 10:2626.04.21



Speaking at Calcalist’s Tech on the Roof event, Zoomin CEO Gal Oron shared how his return to Israel was welcomed by a team he had hardly met face-to-face - even though they worked together during the pandemic.


“We grew very fast this year, and onboarding was very difficult,” he said. “Building this togetherness and the culture is pretty tough. You force yourself to learn how to communicate, how to create engagement. Eventually, I think it is creating better companies, but it is very challenging.”


By coincidence, Oron found himself back in Israel for a few days and managed to catch up with team members and the tech community at Tech on the Roof, which celebrated the reopening of Israel following lockdowns for the better part of a year.


“The biggest thing I’m surprised by is how tall people are,” he joked.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above