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“It’s a matter of a year or two”: Innoviz outlines autonomous vehicle roadmap

Speaking at Calcalist's Tech on the Roof, Omer Keilaf outlines when he believes self-driving cars will be validated and deployed to more streets around the world

James Spiro 12:1228.04.21



Each year, giants like Elon Musk try to prepare the public for when we will see the widespread deployment of autonomous vehicles on city streets. And while for many years these predictions have not been met, Innoviz seems to think they’re finally on their way soon.


“It’s a matter of a year or two when you will start to see more cars on the road driving safely and autonomously,” said Omer David Keilaf, co-founder and CEO of Innoviz. The company, which recently went public, is developing a unique sensor that sees the world in 3D and allows the car to understand everything around it, helping it make the right decisions when driving.


“We’re at the stage where the technology is available and now kind of the struggle is basically going through a very long process of validation,” he said. You need to test everything rapidly in different conditions and make sure it’s very robust. We don’t want to be in a situation where you ship a car that should be safer and eventually you don’t trust it.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above