Saffron Tech appoints Dr. Efrat Greenwald as new Chief Data Scientist

Greenwald, an experienced agtech researcher, was brought in to help grow the company’s protocol IP and analyze its information technology systems

CTech 14:2003.05.21
Saffron Tech, a subsidiary of Seedo Corp., announced on Monday that it has appointed Dr. Efrat Greenwald as Chief Data Scientist to help develop the company’s growing protocol IP and analyze information technology data systems. Israeli agtech company Saffron Tech is focused on enabling controlled, automated cultivation of agricultural crops under laboratory conditions, and aims to cut down on water and land use as well as manpower while significantly increasing the quality and quantity of agricultural yield.


Dr. Greenwald has a strong track record in leading indoor farming research as well as translating data science to develop protocols for innovative farming of biological systems in controlled environments. She is a well-versed researcher and data scientist, and holds a PhD in Physics from the Department of Physics of Complex Systems at the Weizmann Institute of Science. In the past, she has served as a data scientist for GrowIn and for Trellis, which focuses on food system intelligence.


Dr. Efrat Greenwald. Photo: Avital Palaci Peleg Dr. Efrat Greenwald. Photo: Avital Palaci Peleg


“We have found the best individual to build on the ongoing momentum Saffron Tech is experiencing right now,” said David Freidenberg, who serves as the CEO of Seedo Corp. “Dr. Greenwald is an experienced data scientist whose expertise will advance our Saffron growing protocols and position the company to expand into vertical farming software development. She is uniquely qualified to lead Saffron Tech’s data science division successfully into the future.”


In the past, Dr. Greenwald has focused her academic research on biological systems, developing a stochastic model for algae photosynthesis in bioreactors. She has years of experience working as a data scientist and has developed innovative protocols for indoor growing and vertical farming that has led to large scale distribution.


“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to lead this exceptional company to the next stage of its strategic goals in vertical farming saffron,” Dr. Efrat Greenwald said. “The agricultural world has been trying to keep up with the rapid changes in climate and population growth. Data-driven farming is an immediate solution that can revive the agricultural industry and shift it from a capricious business model, to one that is both sustainable and reliable.”