Kendago names Izhar Shay as Chairman of its Board of Directors

"The company holds tremendous growth opportunities and is well positioned to take full advantage of them," said Shay, Israel’s former Minister of Science and Technology

CTech 16:0128.06.21

Izhar Shay, Israel’s former Minister of Science and Technology, serial entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at Kendago. Kendago is a digital marketing group that specializes in performance-based advertising for leading global companies, and manages advertising budgets above $100 million annually.


"Shay's appointment is a substantial step in consolidating and building robust foundations for Kendago’s accelerated growth plans, including M&A and strategic partnerships with start-ups, international retail chains and venture capital funds," the company said.
Izhar Shay. Photo: Elad Malka Izhar Shay. Photo: Elad Malka


Kendago, owned by Amir Cohen (48) and Roei Ben Bassat (48), two entrepreneurs who have been involved in the digital realm for over 15 years, was recently rated by the Digital Marketers Forum as the leading digital advertising agency in the world. The company works in close collaborations with major advertising networks including Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Outbrain and Taboola, while utilizing inhouse campaign management technologies and algorithms. Along with Kendago’s broad international clientele like V-Shred and Organifi, they have tripled their annual activity levels three years in a row.


Kendago currently employs close to 100 employees, with approximately 30 additional employees soon to join the advertising, product and technology divisions after completing their training. With Shay, the company has begun formulating strategic plans to reinforce various ventures and market expansion.


“I am proud to join Kendago, which in a matter of only a few years has become one of the largest advertisers in the world, placed at the forefront of the digital space thanks to its combination of leading engineering, creative and technology teams," said Shay. "The company holds tremendous growth opportunities and is well positioned to take full advantage of them.”


Rafi Magen, CEO of Kendago: "It’s of great pride to add to our team, the former Israeli Minister of Science and Technology, Izhar Shay. Previously elected amongst the 100 most influential people in Israeli high-tech, he founded the largest entrepreneurial community in Israel - Start-Up Stadium. His rich and prosperous experience as an entrepreneur, manager, and venture capitalist, alongside his many years as a mentor for entrepreneurs and board members, enables him to immensely contribute to Kendago on our path to formulating a framework of growth and empowerment, while further establishing our international presence. As we progress, opportunities grow day by day, while prioritization and proper management take on ever-increasing importance."