Utilizing technology to deliver food to the underprivileged

Speaking at JerusalemTech, Hasan Abasi, Co-Founder and CEO of HAAT Delivery, spoke of using technology to provide deliveries to people living in cities without addresses and those who can only pay in cash

CTech 13:0511.07.21


"We are a technology company that is doing food delivery with a focus on areas with infrastructure issues, like cities with no addresses, or people with no credit cards who are only paying with cash. We are solving all of these issues, we want to bring food to all people, also those who don't have proper infrastructure," said Hasan Abasi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HAAT Delivery when speaking to CTech at JerusalemTech.


"We are doing this in 30 cities in Israel and we are planning to go outside of Israel to Africa and South America. We have smart technology to detect your location and improve it from order to order. We are serving more than a million citizens with 70,000 orders a month," added Abasi.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.