MTI wins U.S.-Israeli grant to develop space antenna

The Israeli group will customize an existing antenna set to fit space environmental requirements, while the American aerospace company will focus on marketing the new technology commercially

Yafit Ovadia 14:4812.07.21
MTI Wireless Edge Ltd., a Rosh Haayin-based group specializing in comprehensive communication and radio frequency solutions across multiple sectors announced on Monday that its Antenna Division had been selected to partner with American engineering firm, Craig Technologies and its subsidiary Sidus Space, to develop a new range of space antennas as part of a funded project. Earlier last year, Space Florida entered into an innovative bi-lateral partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority to support joint aerospace research and development projects.


For this project, MTI will receive a grant of $125,000 to support the development of its new space antenna that can be used for space-ground and space-space applications. MTI aims to customize an existing antenna set to the required satellite communication frequency band, which will be redesigned to fit space environmental requirements. Testing will be performed using Craig’s on-orbit technology demonstration satellites. While MTI will be responsible for the development and manufacturing of the antennae, Craig will focus on marketing the new technology commercially.


MTI is developing antennas that are adapted to the environmental conditions of space (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock MTI is developing antennas that are adapted to the environmental conditions of space (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock


“As a leading small business in commercial space engineering, our focus is on developing and launching mission-critical systems and we bring our expertise of developing systems capable of functioning reliably in space together with MTI’s undoubted leadership in the field of antenna communications,” said Carol Craig, who serves as CEO of Craig Technologies.


MTI's CEO, Moni Borovitz, commented: "This will be our first space project. Florida is the home of space development globally, and Craig Technologies is a leader in its field. We look forward to combining our expertise to bring to market a truly innovative range of new flat antennas for use in space.”


MTI designs, develops, and produces high quality, cost-effective antenna solutions including Smart Antennas, MIMO Antennas and Dual Polarity Antennas for wireless applications in both the military and commercial civilian markets. Some of these include smart antennas for broadband, tactical and specialized communication as well as antenna systems that can be installed on numerous airborne, ground and naval vessels including submarines.