Forescout co-founder Oded Comay to serve as chief innovation officer

Comay to drive product innovation, solving customers’ critical cybersecurity challenges

CTech 16:2014.07.21
Forescout Technologies, an enterprise-security company, announced that it would be appointing Oded Comay, its co-founder and general manager, as its Chief Innovation Officer, reporting to CEO Wael Mohamed. In the new role, Comay will foster new technologies to augment Forescout’s platform through its next phase of growth.


In his new leadership role, Comay will look beyond Forescout’s existing platform to see the evolution of cybersecurity and threats across high-risk industries, including financial services, healthcare, the public sector, retail, and manufacturing. Similar to his work as the innovator of Forescout eyeSegment, which accelerates the design, planning and deployment of Zero Trust segmentation, Comay will help extend Forescout’s capabilities to meet customers’ security challenges and complex use cases.



Oded Comay. Photo: Forescout Technologies PR Oded Comay. Photo: Forescout Technologies PR


Holding over 25 years of experience, Oded co-founded Forescout where he served in various roles, including Chief Research Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Forescout, he managed the Tel Aviv University Systems group and was a co-founder of TapGuard Technologies.


“Over the last 20 years, Forescout has amassed an incredible amount of device intelligence, data and expertise that allows us to solve some of the most challenging cybersecurity problems while helping customers’ gain market-leading visibility to issues on their networks,” Comay remarked.


“Oded has been with Forescout since the very beginning. He has proven ability to anticipate critical cybersecurity challenges well into the future,” Forescout CEO Wael Mohamed said. “Companies with founders are stronger. We are fortunate to have Oded step into the Chief Innovation Officer role to continue evolving the Forescout platform.”


Forescout Technologies, Inc. actively defends the Enterprise of Things by identifying, segmenting and enforcing compliance of every connected thing. Forescout gives customers more device intelligence than any other company, allowing organizations across every industry to accurately classify risk, detect anomalies, and quickly remediate cyberthreats without disruption of critical business assets.