The accelerator bringing together women entrepreneurs from across the Middle East

Zada Haj, CEO of DANA Accelerator, discussed the significance of creating collaborations between women-led companies and having startups from Israel, Abu Dhabi and Gaza in the first cohort

CTech 22:1215.07.21


"Our initiative started during corona so all our work was online and it works amazing because we work regionally. The R&D center is a beta site we provide our startups to test their products. We have one here in Israel in Hazeva and we are working on having other beta sites in Cairo, Abu Dhabi and the West Bank," said Zada Haj, CEO of DANA Accelerator, speaking at JerusalemTech.


"Our offices are in Abu Dhabi, but after Covid-19 everything changed. We are adaptive. If we need to be in a physical place we have the place, if we need to be online to save time so we have it.


The DANA Accelerator supports women-led startups from the MENA region in the sectors of agritech, water solutions, food security, waste management, and renewable energy through regional collaboration, innovation mentorship, impact community, and investment. The program emphasizes the importance of diversity, by bringing together women from the MENA region to generate unique solutions. DANA offers an eight-month tailor-made program to each startup according to its specific needs.


"Our first cohort has five startups from three different regions, from Israel, Abu Dhabi and Gaza. It is amazing to have three startups from three different regions and to work together."


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.