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Glassbox CEO: Consumers and providers unhappy with digital services

In an interview with CTech, ​​Yaron Morgenstern listed four principles organizations should focus on to optimize their services. Glassbox announced Monday that it recorded $37 million in ARR in Q2 of 2021

Daniel Farber-Ball 11:3119.07.21

“We have data that shows that two-thirds of the population of consumers are not happy with their digital services,” Yaron Morgenstern, the CEO of Glassbox, digital experience analytics provider, told CTech in an interview at Calcalist’s E-commerce 360 conference last week. “I would say something even more surprising, also the organizations themselves are not happy with the service they offer to their customers over the digital channels. They feel they do not have the visibility of how their customers are experiencing the digital service they are providing.”


“Organizations must make sure that they optimize the digital experience and digital journeys. There are four principles that they have to take in order to do that,” Morgenstern explained. “First, put it as a priority across the entire organization, make sure everyone’s number one priority is the digital experience. Second, they have to look at the digital journey and identify those moments that matter and focus on those moments to improve them and make sure they provide a positive experience to customers. Third, be obsessed with data, the volumes today around digitization are huge, organizations must focus on those experiences that matter for most of their customers in order to do that they have to have data and they have to rely on it. Fourth is the real-time, it is 2021 and consumers do not have patience and organizations must react in real-time to things that are not working over their digital channels.”


Glassbox, which helps organizations to manage the digital lifecycle of their customers through data analysis, analytics, and machine learning capabilities, announced Monday strong annual recurring revenue (ARR) numbers for its second quarter of 2021, surpassing approximately $37 million, $2 million more than the previous quarter.


Glassbox went through an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange earlier this year, and has set a goal of reaching $100 million in ARR within the next two to four years.


You can watch the full interview with Morgenstern in the video above