Inception XR’s plan to ‘create a new language’ for children’s books

Speaking at Gaming2021, Inception XR Founder and CMO Dana Porter discusses how AR can help children read more

James Spiro 13:1801.08.21



“We’ve taken books we all know and love, we’ve brought them into your mobile or tablet and we bring the characters to live in augmented reality,” explained Dana Porter when describing her company’s main product, Bookful. Porter hopes that the use of augmented reality can help children read more and snap less.


“We were looking around at what kids are doing today,” she told CTech. “AR has become such a big thing in their lives, whether it’s Snapchat filters or Pokemon GO or anything else, while books are becoming less and less popular. So we were thinking about how to get books to speak in the current language for kids. We thought ‘let’s take this XR technology and bring it into the world of reading’.”


Today, Bookful is accessible for individuals via app stores for an annual subscription fee, but the company has also entered into an agreement with AT&T to offer Bookful for free with their 5G customers subscribers.


“We're using XR to enhance the reading experience and create a new language around books,” Porter concluded.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.