Google: Israel has doubled its market share in the gaming industry post-pandemic

Speaking at Gaming2021, Google Israel’s Managing Director Barak Regev discusses how Israel is becoming a gaming powerhouse on a global scale

James Spiro 09:1602.08.21



“The reality is that gaming has been part of the hi-tech fabric in the Israeli market for a good few years but I think that the last few years have really shown the edge for the gaming industry,” Barak Regev told CTech at Gaming2021. As Google Israel’s Managing Director, Regev can see first-hand how Startup Nation is impacting the gaming industry - estimated to be valued at more than $300 billion.


“Pre-pandemic, around 6% of the global downloads was attributed to Israeli gaming studios,” he explained. “Post-pandemic… we’ve doubled our market share - 12% of global downloads are attributed to gaming studios out of Israel. That's phenomenal.”


Today, mobile gaming makes up “a dominant, not just huge” portion of the industry, with millions of people playing billions of hours of games straight from their pockets. “PC games are still out there, but the user behavior has all gone mobile,” he concluded. “We’ve seen it in other verticals as well so it shouldn’t be any different for the gaming industry as well.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.