CrazyLabs shares what makes hypercausal gaming so appealing

“It grows much faster than any other gaming genre,” Founder and CEO Sagi Schliesser said at Gaming2021

James Spiro 13:3803.08.21


The trend of hypercasual games - ones often found on mobile devices and that can be played in 3-5 minutes - has almost come full circle. A few years ago, popular games like Snake were played on old Nokias and now companies like CrazyLabs can celebrate 1 billion downloads by 100 million monthly users all looking to play quick games on their smartphones.


“I think when gaming evolved, suddenly it was 2014 when Flappy Birds came out,” Schliesser told CTech. “Then it dawned on people that... billions of people are holding a gaming device and they don’t want to be heavy gamers - but they still want to play. So it kind of became the hypercasual genre which became super popular. It grows much faster than any other gaming genre.”


Today, the hypercasual genre of games accounts for 31% of downloads for CrazyLabs, and the company expects to spend most of its time focusing on that market. “If you don’t focus on something, then you start spreading around and it doesn’t allow you to be great at something,” he concluded.


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.