Where are Israelis watching famous gaming streamers?

CTech spoke to Meital (AKA ‘RainbowQueen’) about finding an audience on platforms like YouTube and Twitch

James Spiro 09:5104.08.21



You’ve probably heard of Pewdepie, one of the largest channels on YouTube who made his millions by streaming himself playing video games. The trend - which is just as popular among Israelis as it is in the rest of the world - is gaining momentum among people of all ages from all regions.


“I actually started on Twitch by Amazon,” online gamer Meital told CTech. “That's the first thing I did, I was streaming there in English. But then it felt kind of hard so I went for the Israeli audience which is basically on YouTube. That's where I stream currently.” Her YouTube channel, where she goes by the name RainbowQueen, currently has more than 72,000 subscribers who watch her play 1st person shooting games. Her latest video racked up 22,000 views in its first five days.


“I think I kind of give the people who watch me, the experience of how I play,” she continued. “But not in a professional way, because I’m not a professional player. I do it in a fun way, in a funny way. I give a variety. Sometimes I do play horror games, for example, and people just like to watch me get scared.”


You can watch the entire interview in the video above.