ironSource: hypercasual games are “here to stay”

Speaking at Gaming2021, ironSource’s co-founder and CRO Omer Kaplan discusses hypercasual gaming and their impact on the gaming industry

James Spiro 10:5504.08.21



“It’s not a Covid-based rise - this is actually a rise you’ll see from about four years ago and I think it’s a natural result of the fact that suddenly everyone has smartphones,” said Omer Kaplan, ironSource’s co-founder and CMO when speaking at Gaming2021. “Now games have become something that everyone wants to do, even grandparents, and everyone is playing these kinds of games because they don’t require expertise. So it goes along with the penetration of phones and the fact that people are anyway spending around four hours a day on their phone, and from there they’re primarily using apps. It’s a natural result of that.”


ironSource helps game developers with monetization, engagement, analytics, and discovery solution. During the interview with CTech, Kaplan confirmed that hypercasual games are not just a trend but something that is here to stay. Currently, they make up around 30% of the market but we can expect that share to grow.


“I think at the beginning no one really knew if it was a trend… or if it’s here to stay,” he concluded. “I think no one thinks it’s a trend anymore, but it’s going to stabilize. It’s going to become a category that is here to stay but it’s not going to be 80% in five years, I think other games and genres are growing, but everyone knows it’s a here-to-stay category.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.