“Innovation comes with lots of difficulties, but also lots of benefits”

Speaking with CTech at Gaming2021, Gigantic’s CEO Ron Brightman talks about the skepticism that comes with innovation

James Spiro 10:4805.08.21



“We’re actually inventing a new vertical, a new genre within the gaming space which we call connected reality,” explained Ron Brightman, the CEO of Gigantic. Speaking at Gaming2021, Brightman elaborated on Clawee - a physical claw machine that is controlled via an app that delivers prizes directly to the players’ front door. Claw machines have always invited skepticism from people when played in physical arcades, so how does Gigantic tackle the doubt that might come from playing them online?


“Innovation comes with lots of difficulties, but also lots of benefits,” he continued. “We tell (people) to come and play real claw machines live and get the prizes delivered to your doorstep. So it creates a lot of curiosity, but it also creates skepticism or doubt. These are strong emotions and as long as we can fulfill the promise and deliver what we say we do, it creates a very good experience that these suspicions become excitement and happiness about the fact that it is what it says.”


You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.